Our Primary Goals Are To:

  • Articulate and promote the value of natural history
  • Promote the individual and collective practice of natural history

Toward These Ends We:

  • Encourage integration among the sciences, arts, humanities, and education
  • Advocate for support of natural history in all its forms, including discovery science, literary and visual arts, and field education
  • Building and supporting an inclusive, collaborative community of naturalists
  • Promote formal and informal natural history learning opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds, and settings

Our Core Activities Are:

  • Publish the Journal of Natural History Education and Experience to share ideas and experiences regarding the practice of natural history
  • Participate in hosting regional gatherings to foster a sense of community among those who practice natural history.
  • Convene and collaborate on workshops that explore important questions and issues associated with the practice and growth of natural history in the 21st century.


Current Initiatives

Occasional Publications Series

Making available books and other documents that are useful to natural historians but are not readily available through other sources.

“I Am a Naturalist” Project

Developing an educational and media campaign that highlights the diverse perspectives that people bring to their connections with nature and their practice of natural history.

Natural History Definitions Project

Collecting, analyzing, critiquing, expanding, and sharing the many definitions that showcase the rich diversity of approaches to natural history.

The Touchstones Project

Developing a collaborative network of field stations and centers to promote and support the integration of literary, artistic, and scientific approaches to natural history.

Natural History in the Digital Age

Exploring and envisioning the 21st century naturalist through the lens of novel tools and techniques to integrate and infuse the practice of natural history in the Digital Age.

Regional Gatherings

Co-hosting a gathering of natural historians in Yosemite Natural Park in Summer 2016.

Integrating Art and Science in Natural History

Exploring the connections and integration of the arts and the sciences in the practice of natural history.


Future Initiatives

Promoting the Academic Study of Natural History

Promoting incentive structures that support natural history studies at colleges and universities.

Natural History Underground

Connecting natural history with the organic agricultural and food justice movements.

Natural History Network Channel

Developing a series of instructional and entertaining on-line videos that highlight natural history skills and stories.


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